The Four Alls

  • The Monarch - 'I reign over all'       A Bishop - 'I pray for all'
    A Soldier - 'I fight for all'       A Farmer - 'I pay for all'

The Four Alls has been here in Ovington for around 200 years and is named as early as 1800. It has varied in size and ownership over the years. The property used to be part of Wycliffe Estates and was sold off in the 1930`s and has been a Bass House and a Newcastle Brewery Inn before reverting to a freehold freehouse which it remains today.

The renovations we have carried out have revealed large parts of its history and expansion. Some old pictures exist and some will be added in due course. Looking at the front of the premises, the `houses` to the right used to be single storey cottages, their rooves removed in the 1930`s and a second storey added. We think the cottages were built first with the `pub` (the single storey part in old pictures) being added as there is a straight joint in the stone on the adjoining wall. The two storey pub section was added next to the left of the main door with what was a shop (entrance via the door on the right) added last - repointing revealed a straight joint top to bottom to the right of this door. When we built the extension to the single storey section in March 2005, we found perfect profiles of the original stone roof on the cottage side and also to the existing two storey section embedded in the walls - rather than strip the stone slates back to reveal the tops of the stone walls, the new walls had just been constructed straight on the old roof! So cowboy builders have been around some time!!

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